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Our medical practice specializes in the fast-changing field of anti-aging medicine for men and women, and gynecological services based on nutritional and hormonal approaches.

Dr. Uzzi Riess
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We help our patients safely personalize their diet, nutritional and natural hormone supplements, allowing each to experience the best versions of themselves.

You can learn more about Dr. Reiss’s innovative methods, the services offered in his practice, and common gynecological and age-related conditions that can be addressed with natural remedies.

Discover more about the nutritional supplements developed by Dr. Reiss that can now be purchased through the center.

Alternative Gynecology
and Hormonal Balance

An in-office consultation allows Dr. Reiss to create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your individual needs, including the full spectrum of hormone and supplement treatments and doses that may be different than what are typically prescribed by practitioners. Dr. Reiss specializes in an individualized approach to health and treatment for a wide range of conditions.


Breast Cancer​



Postpartum Depression





Throughout the years in his practice, Dr. Uzzi Reiss has seen women unresponsive to conventional infertility treatments that have responded to a personalized treatment that includes specific hormone. balancing, vitamins, and mineral supplements. To see Dr. Reiss in his office, click here for more information.

The Good News About Estrogen

The Truth Behind a Powerhouse Hormone

Why is estrogen crucial and so misunderstood? How do I know if my estrogen level is normal? What is the best treatment for a hormonal imbalance? How does estrogen impact my reproductive cycle? Is hormone replacement therapy right for me? Is it only useful at menopause? How can I be my best, healthiest self now and in the future?

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