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How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy

Uzzi Reiss, M.D

Life just got easier for everyone expecting – thanks to How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy. Every chapter of this guidebook is brimming with advice and helpful tips to solve pregnancy’s most common problems. From ginger to ease morning sickness, a warm bath to reduce water retention, or a turkey sandwich to relieve insomnia – it’s all here in this easy-to-navigate book. Helpful appendices explain the stages of the baby’s development, foods and activities to avoid during pregnancy, and a glossary of terms. Plus, with good humor and wise counsel the authors provide pointers on how to be the best partner possible. With this handy guide, it’s a cinch to help an expectant mother sail through her pregnancy – and keep her very, very happy.

Although this book was written for the partner to help the pregnant woman, it is basically a detailed instruction for every pregnant woman on how she can resolve and prevent many pregnancy problems and questions that arise nutritionally.

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