Meet Dr. Uzzi

From the very start of his clinical practice twenty years ago, Uzzi Reiss’ objective has been to help patients correct lifestyle mistakes from the past, overcome symptoms in the present, and move forward to a healthier future.

Dr. Uzzi Riess

He accomplishes this with individualized programs of natural hormones, nutrition and mind/body principles. In the early 1980s he began adopting innovative ‘alternative’ methods in his obstetrical-gynecological practice. He soon found that the approach gave patients powerful options with which to maximize health while minimizing the need for pharmaceuticals and surgery. In 1982, he opened the first Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) health center that was aimed to resolve this condition by a natural, hormonal approach.

"I believe a physician should be as concerned about improving the health of patients as in treating illness," says Dr. Reiss. "To achieve these goals the doctor should use the most effective and the least invasive tools available, and which cause the least possible side effects."

In January 2001, Dr. Reiss' first book, Natural Hormone Balance for Women was published.

Drawing on his many years of clinical experience, the book provides a careful step-by-step program for women of all ages who want to take control of their lives by restoring hormonal balance.

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